40 lbs. Pure Black Castings™

Forty pounds Pure Black Castings. Certified organic, OMRI listed worm castings.
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  • Item #: 201017
  • Worm Castings: OMRI Listed, Certified Organic Worm Castings Fertilizer
  • Organic Fertilizer: Slow Release, Microbial, VTU
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Item:  40 Pounds Pure Black Castings™
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Pure Black Castings™ are worm castings enhanced to maximum potency. This "Super-Charged Worm Poop" is OMRI listed, Certified Organic and all natural.  Castings are shipped dry - NO compost, NO filler, NO excess moisture.  99.9% pure castings.  You are getting ALL castings.

Use VermaPlex® and you can cut your worm castings application needs by 50%.

VermaPlex® is a liquid microbial soil inoculant made from these enhanced organc worm castings and is concentrated. A little goes a long way: 1 Gallon = 20 + Gallons. Used together, they provide the essential nutrients your plants need to thrive and grow in a form that is readily available.

SAVE!  Order our Combo package of 40 Pounds Pure Black Castings™ with 1 Gallon VermaPlex® and save 10% PLUS save on shipping. (Combo's save because freight is calculated on one box).  Combo Sale Price: $65.61

This organic worm fertilizer is teeming with micronutrients and living soil microorganisms so essential to soil improvement and plant development.  When you use Pure Black Castings™ and VermaPlex®, you improve your soil through microbial biodiversity and humate.

Pure Black Castings™ and VermaPlex® are all natural, certified organic fertilizers - made by earthworms, enhanced by man:

  • All Purpose Indoor/Outdoor
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Does NOT Burn Plants
  • Reduces Watering Requirements
  • Promotes Vigorous Root Growth
  • Produces Larger Flowers

Uses of VermaPlex® and Pure Black Castings®:

  • Lawns
  • Hay Fields
  • Gardens
  • Farming
  • Flowers
  • Potted Plants
  • Nurseries
  • Greenhouses
  • Sports Fields
  • VermaPlex® is also a worm bedding enhancer for healthier, bigger worms.

Why not give these highly effective alternatives to chemical fertilizers a try? You'll get stunning results and improve your soil. More sizes:


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