8 Cups Case European Night Crawlers

Cupped bait size European Nightcrawlers in breathable cup. 8 cups/case, 24/cup.
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  • worms: Cupped bait, fishing and pet food
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Item: Cupped Bait European Night Crawlers

Size: 8 Cups per case; 24 worms per cup


Bait Size European Night Crawlers in special cups with air holes along the lid. 

Worms are packed in moist peat moss with our special "cupping compound" added, keeping your worms happy while they ship and until you feed them to the fish. The cups special lid allows worms to breathe, but they can't escape.?

Convenient for fishing trips. Take just what you need, the rest will keep for weeks in the cup without refrigeration (keep at 55-75, with 60 degrees providing the longest life.) You'll save going to the bait shop and you'll always have fishing worms on hand. You can leave them in the cups without having to transfer them to a bed.

You'll receive care instructions after you order via email.

Worms are shipped USPS Priority Mail on Monday's (Tuesday's on holidays). Continental U.S. shipping only.  See Shipping Info for our live delivery guarantee.  Delivery is in 2-3 days.

For more worm information, visit our website: Earthworm Works, or contact us anytime.  Thanks for visiting!

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