VermaMax® 40 lb. Bag

VermaMax Organic All-Natural Fertilizer from organic worm castings and organic chicken litter (poo)
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  • Chicken Litter: Certified Organic Chicken Litter
  • Organic Fertilizer: Organic Chicken Litter and Worm Castings
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Size:  40 lb. Bag

Product: VermaMax® Granular
Unique blend of organically? composted chicken litter fertilizer and worm castings.



VermaMax®: All natural organic plant food made from certified organic Pure Black Castings™ and organic poultry compost (chicken litter) treated with VermaPlex®. 


Use VermaMax® with Pure Black Castings™ and VermaPlex® for extra nitrogen needs.  Enhances plant growth, flowering and fruit production.  Promotes vigorous root growth and reduces watering requirements.

Gauranteed Analysis:

   3.0 - 2.8 - 1.8

Total Nitrogen (N).......................3%
     0.08% Nitrate Nitrogen
     0.56% Ammonia Nitrogen
    2.49% Organic Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P2O5).....2.88%
     0.01% Insoluble P2O5)
Soluble Potash (K2O)...............1.83%
Calcium (Ca)...........................6.72%

*Primary and secondary plant food sources derived from earthworm and poultry compost.
*This product contains 1.6% slow release nitrogen.

Application Instructions:

Garden Soil Preparation
Mix 40lb./1000 sq. ft. VermaMax® into the top 3 in. of your garden soil in the spring before planting.

Transplanting of Vegetables and Annuals
Mix 1/2 cup VermaMax® into transplanted hole.

Spread 1-2 cups  VermaMax® around plants and work into first 3 in. Apply in the spring and fall.

Potting Soil
Mix 1 part VermaMax® to 4 parts of your potting soil or use our Potting Mix.

Fruit Trees and Berries

New plants: Mix 1-2 cups VermaMax® with your garden soil in transplant hole
Established plants: In the spring and fall, mix 1-2 cups VermaMax® per 1 in. diameter for truk out to the drip line into the top 3 in. of soil.

Mix 3-5 cups VermaMax® around plants and mix in firt 3 in. in spring and fall.

New:  Spread 40lb/1000 sq ft vermaMax® over entire area to be seeded and rake in.
Established:  Sprinkle 20lb./1000 sq ft VermaMax® over entire lawn surface as a top dressing during spring and fall. 

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